17 Best Websites for the Spontaneous Traveler

Airbnb: If you don’t know what Airbnb is you have been living under a rock. I managed to find hosts last minute that let me stay in their home and show up at my convenience. Read your host’s reviews thoroughly so you don’t end up in an uncomfortable situation and always respect your host’s home. They review you as well.


VayableNowadays anyone can be a tour guide if they are knowledgeable in their residing city. Vayable allows you to decide by selecting a destination and scrolling through hundreds of experiences offered by locals throughout the city. Prices vary but this site is great to discover and book unique experiences offered by local insiders.

Eat With: Claims to be the “Future of Dining” by offering the opportunity to attend a communal gathering with hosts in over 200+ cities. Simply choose your date, the type of food you are looking to try and be matched with talented chefs around the world that will transport you on a culinary journey in their own home.

Bonappetour: Be connected with sommeliers, chefs, and local entertainers during your travels. One experience you can book is a “Typical Parisian dinner in a classic 19th-century apartment a block away from the Champs-Elysées”. The opportunity to make new friends in a trendy European apartment for the cost of dinner sounds pretty convincing to me.

Global Greeter Network: “Greeters are volunteers that love their city so much that they want to show their place TO YOU; for free!”  This sounds like the message behind Couchsurfing but without the couch. I have yet to use this site but it appears to be a large network and each city has a personal web page.

AirdineIs an application available for Apple and Android users. Much like Eat With, you get the opportunity to dine with locals that you otherwise wouldn’t have met. It is so far available in 23 countries.

Airbnb Experiences: “Book experiences designed and led by some of the most interesting people out there. You’ll get to unleash the sushi chef or street artist you’ve always wanted to be.” I’m so happy that Airbnb is offering experiences now. This is the best part about staying with locals, being able to experience what they do for fun.

Withlocals: The same concept as Airbnb experiences, “Enjoy a city like a local with over 1200 things to do & food experiences with verified locals.” All the more options to pull together a spontaneous experience.

These are just a few websites that offer a reliable and unique experience during your next vacation. If you have any websites to add leave a comment below and let us know how they enhanced your travels.

Danielle Graves

Danielle Graves

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  • Anh Ha

    This is a GODSEND I.G.!!! And I completely agree, a balance has to be achieved. I’ve done complete spontaneous and complete planned before, but a combination of both allows for the pure joy of discovering things unintentionally and the calmness of knowing you’re doing something you enjoy lol (and not sleeping in a bed bug infested bed lolol).
    Your article is bringing back memories of some of my travels… I think an article is in order lol