Authorities search for person who forced dog to stand on his hind legs until he strangled himself

A dog in Cork, Ireland was forced to stand on his hind legs while tethered to his leash and strung from a 15-foot fence railing in a popular park until he eventually strangled itself when he could no longer stand erect. Police in Ireland are asking for the public’s help finding the miserable abuser who allowed this overt animal cruelty situation to forced to stand on 2 feet

According to the Irish Mirror, the photos of the poor, defenseless dog were taken by a man identified only as Jim, who had been parked in the nearby Cork Business and Technology park. Why Jim didn’t get out of his car and immediately check on the poor dog is not known, however he told media he had been sickened by what he saw, and apparently the dog had already been dead:

“I saw a dog staring over the fence, and I thought he was chasing a rabbit or something. Normally a dog is all action, but this one was a statue, so I looked at him for a while, and that was when I saw the lead. The lead was taut, pressing on the dog’s throat and then lodged at the top of the fence,” Jim told a local news station.

At that point, Jim stated he called the Gardai (police) who soon arrived and found the dead dog. When authorities arrived, they confirmed the animal cruelty act had been deliberate, and the dog had been forced to stand on his tiptoes and paws until he could no longer stand. Vincent Cashman, spokesperson for the Cork Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, stated the crime against the defenseless dog was extremely disturbing:

“This was no accident. It was obviously deliberate. We are dealing with some very sad individuals; there are huge question marks on the mental stability of the people involved…”dog forced to stand on 2 feet 3

Ireland has continued to pass stricter laws for punishing acts of animal cruelty and have warned the perpetrators to come forward and turn themselves into authorities. Anyone with any information is asked to contact the CSPCA at 021 451 5534 or Togher Garda Station on 021 494 7120. If someone is capable of doing such a cruel deed to a defenseless dog, one can only shudder in fear what this sick person could do to a woman or child. Help this dog find justice, and help to get a disturbed individual(s) off the streets.

(Photos of dog forced to stand on his hind legs until he strangled himself via screenshots from the Irish Mirror)

Rest in peace innocent dog. You didn’t deserve such egregious torture.

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Source: Pet Rescue Report

Cheryl Hanna

Cheryl Hanna

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