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    Bio: Educated in Paris, Rome, and Salamanca, via New York's St. John's University, Ashley proudly brings a Bachelor's of Science in Communication Arts with a minor in International Studies to the table as a freelance writer and creative professional. Life, work and education throughout the US in places like Houston, Dallas, Chicago, within New York's five boroughs and abroad, have provided Ashley with access to a unique worldview and approach to work and creativity. Having successfully completed a variety of creative writing, SEO, article and blog writing, and interviews across niches, Ashley's work can be seen on the website of the internationally based creative collective Art Youth Society, as well as the internationally distributed art and fashion niche publication "The Untitled Magazine".


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    Ashley Jones
    6:21 pm July 28th, 2017 in Art, Music


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    Ashley Jones
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    Ashley Jones
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    Ashley Jones
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    Ashley Jones
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    Ashley Jones
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    Ashley Jones
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    Ashley Jones
    1:45 pm March 6th, 2017 in Music