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Recently I was watching a podcast about entrepreneurs to get some inspiration and to refuel myself. I landed on a talk where one of the participants was breathing with the aid of an oxygen tank, while sharing her experiences and giving entrepreneurship advice. Her unique situation made me realize how passionate she must be about her work. I was and still am very motivated and inspired by her. I wanted to share her advice and strategies with more people. Here is an interview with her:

ashley beels

Hi Ashley! I’m excited to share your story and your work with our readers. Tell me little bit about your background.

I’m Ashley Beels, and I’m a Business Coach and Meraki™ Strategist for the soulful aspiring entrepreneur who feels she has a divine responsibility to share and showcase her unique gifts AND craves more dynamic-freedom in her life and business. By guiding my clients through my business’ understructure that encompasses mindset, creativity, and visibility, they are able to monetize their services and finally blow the damn lid off their business. Meraki is a Greek word that means to leave a piece of your soul, or the essence of you, in something you create. So by teaching my clients how to put their meraki into their services, they get to fully express themselves and make money doing so. What’s better than that?

I have always been multi-passionate and I’ve learned over time to embrace that about myself while infusing it into my coaching business because I believe my job is to share my unique gifts with the world. In fact, I believe that we all have unique gifts that are meant to be shared with the world and that is exactly how I help my clients reach such high levels of success, but I didn’t always feel this way.

When I was younger I was an over-learner, over-invester, and over-achiever that felt unfulfilled and miserable..

You see, my first career started in dentistry, but it was never enough. I felt trapped inside a career that had no avenue where I could express my creativity. So, I went looking for “more” in a graduate school where I got my Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership and Administration, but all the degrees and programs were never enough for me to feel fulfilled. After years of hard lessons and too many times to count of tearing up at work, I finally made some moves to cut back and slowly transition out of my 9-5. However, once I got down to just 1.5 days a week, I found myself paralyzed in fear to leave the security of my steady paycheck, insurance, etc., once and for all.

Eventually, enough was enough when my boss lost his temper with me and I found myself on my lunch break sitting on the kitchen floor crying my eyes out. I looked up with my hands in prayer and said, “Please, God! You and I both know I am too chicken-shit to quit. You know I’ve been paralyzed in fear. If you could please just get me fired that would be great. AMEN”. And I kid you not, but 3 hours and 48 minutes later, I was fired from my lead-position, without notice, without reason, effective immediately. Oh, and this all happened days before a medical leave and surgery. Not to mention, just minutes before my husband also lost his job.

Despite what could have felt like the most terrifying time of my life, I felt no fear, or paralysis, for the first time in years. I couldn’t help but smile at the sound of the words “I’m terminating your employment, effective immediately”, because I felt so divinely supported.

When sacred space was made for me to dive full-time into my business, I felt a huge up-level happening in every cell of my body and every structure of my business because the anxiety I held inside me for years (that paralyzed me from making the leap to leave my job) was actually absent when I was terminated.

You know why? Because anxiety lives in the future, and I was so aligned with what was ahead of me. (I just needed a little push).

Ashley Beels

I read your blog where you talk about the quote “Dissolve all boundaries with love”. Please share your thoughts about it to our readers.

Dissolving all boundaries with love is something I did my whole life. I think the thing here is to understand what a boundary is, and to understand what a border is. You see, as a young woman, I was raised to believe that creating boundaries would equal “being a bitch”. I can’t count how many times I was called “the bitch” for attempting to set a boundary. So subconsciously, I began to replay this belief over and over… to the point where I let people pleasing rule my teenage and young adult life.

As an adult, I took a a workshop about soul consciousness, and one of its primary topics was “setting boundaries”, which as it turns out, was actually all about dissolving them. We were taught that boundaries keep you from connection, and that it is best to dissolve them “kindly” and “with love”. We were taught to “dissolve all boundaries”, which lead me to lose my ground, and to lose my truth all in the hopes to “love and connect”. Well, this was an EASY practice for an empath like myself. I can easily enmesh, forget the ground (or whose ground) I’m standing on, and dissolve my boundary and entangle in theirs. I wanted to be liked, I wanted to be helpful, I wanted to be kind, and I, unfortunately, thought this meant to forget my truth and enmesh in theirs.

The problem here is that when we “dissolve all boundaries with love”, we actually dissolve it with the love we have for ourselves. So essentially, we are losing our own self-love in the process. How is that love? How is that kind? And how is that connection? My $0.02, It’s not. It’s enmeshing, it’s entangling, and honestly, it’s beyond exhausting. We think their pain is our pain, that their grief is our grief.

My boundary practice for the last couple years is as follows: When you feel yourself getting angry, you can literally ask yourself “what needs to be restored, and what needs to be protected?” And I think you will find (as I have), that 99.9% of the time it’s a boundary that has either been 1) lost, or 2) crossed. Setting (not dissolving) firm boundaries for ourselves is the MOST loving thing we can offer, not just for ourselves but for others. A true boundary is the expression of truth.

Ashley Beels

How can people contact you?

Good question! I’d love to connect with the readers. Everyone in my community can attest to how much value I put on connection. So I’d LOVE to personally connect with anyone that took the time to read this AND give them a free gift of How To Create Your Meraki™ Statement so that they can start to monetize their unique gifts and services.

For those of you reading this, you can grab this free gift in my free community, Meraki™ Maven Entrepreneurs (https://www.facebook.com/groups/themerakimavens/).

Lastly, you can also find me on Instagram @ashleybeels, or check out my website at www.ashleybeels.com

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