Alarming video sparks demands to shut down zoo

Source: Pet Rescue Report

A Canadian animal law charity has released undercover video footage which reveals disturbing incidents at a zoo in Ontario. According to the National Observer, the video, which was released on Friday, was taken at the Papanack Zoo one year ago and the footage shows employees admitting to abuse of the animals, as well as dismal living conditions for those who are in the zoo’s care.

Camille Labchuk, executive director of Animal Justice, told Global News,

This footage shot at the Papanack Zoo shows a number of very disturbing things, including baby animals ripped away from their mothers when they’re very young so they can be used as selfie props,

Animals can be seen restlessly pacing in small pens and showing other signs of mental and emotional stress – outright actions which appear to be abusive are also captured on the video. The footage is in stark contrast to what the zoo has stated on its website as its mission:

Our goal is to provide animals with a comfortable, caring and safe living environment, while allowing the public an exciting, educational and fun place to visit!

Shortly after the alarming video was released, protesters, demanding that the zoo be shut down, showed up outside of the facility; the Ontario SPCA has launched an animal cruelty investigation. This isn’t the first time that the zoo has been under scrutiny – back in 2016, a lion named Zeus escaped and was later shot and killed. Suffice to say, the lion’s death sparked outrage and stirred up controversy.

Watch the damning video at this link.

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