Adrian Rubin Shares" Develop a personal brand, get out there in the real world and network"

Hi Adrian Rubin ! I’m excited to share your story and your business with our readers. Tell me little bit about yourself and your work

I’m a freelance creative director based in Brooklyn. I’ve spent more than a decade growing my client base and honing my skill here in New York. When I started out I was the stereotypical story; a young kid in New York with nothing but a degree in art and design and a dream of working for myself.

Thankfully I quickly learned what works and what doesn’t. I’ve found is that the industry is changing so quickly agencies can find themselves becoming out of date. As a freelancer I have the freedom to really get creative with my work and ensure I stay at the top of my game. Most of my clients are repeat customers, so I must be doing something right!

How important is it for new entrepreneurs to understand the value of marketing & advertising?

Marketing and advertising are absolutely crucial. We live in a world full of constant noise. A fresh young upstart can be the most talented person alive in their field, but without effective marketing and advertising no one will be the wiser.What new entrepreneurs need to understand is that their brand starts with themselves.

Develop a personal brand, get out there in the real world and network, develop a style that stands out against a sea of competition, then feed into that success. A good entrepreneur will recognize the need for marketing and invest heavily to keep the momentum flowing in the right direction.

How can people create visually engaging content to maximize their business?

The key here is to stand out. Pay attention to those who are already successful, analyze what they have in common, and make those factors your own. It’s easy for me to tell someone to keep it simple, but what truly separates the good from the great is finding the balance between simplicity and originality.

I know there are many people thinking to advertise their business. As you are one of the expert on this field, how can they contact you?

I  will love to help you to reach your mission. I am always happy to share my expertise and make impact. Please feel free to connect with me on :

Sujan Pariyar

Sujan Pariyar is Founder of Inxchan | Author | SEO expert | Social entrepreneur. He writes about Entrepreneurship, humanitarian work, and travel. He is also regular contributor at Huffington Post, Thrive Global, Yourstory, Buzzfeed and more. His foundation Inxchan provides a unique volunteering and traveling opportunities in Nepal. Inxchan is one of the active organization working for benefiting children, women, and community of Nepal.