19 Eye-Opening Instagram Accounts That are Changing the World

Instagram is a social media platform that is used globally, but I didn’t have to tell you that. You probably already know what it is. You may also know that it is diluted with false advertising of ideal lifestyles that lead to a major cause of depression and insecurity by its users. Rather than follow these accounts that you hoped would motivate you but instead are having the opposite effect, follow accounts that motivate you to be better and do something for a positive change.

There are a ton of inspiring accounts to follow so here are just a few that are working towards influencing the masses with positive change and good for mankind through beautiful imagery and thought-provoking descriptions.

Environmental Activists

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Sean captures humanity from a different perspective along with environmental issues such as global warming. His captions include a story to accompany his photo and raise awareness of what each region is facing.

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Leonardo DiCaprio has been taking massive action to raise awareness towards the changing environment. His posts capture beautiful images of nature, endangered species, and humanity followed by detailed captions filled with facts and steps toward a solution. His foundation, Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation (LDF) concentrates on protecting biodiversity, ocean/wildlife protection, and climate change.

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Climate change skeptics should see this feed. You will be convinced that climate change is very real and a bigger problem than we think.

Truth Seekers

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Follow this account if you can handle having your mind blown. This account reveals ancient secrets, government conspiracies, and the occasional proof of aliens post.

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Posts on this feed will make you laugh, cry, angry, and motivated. The variety of videos and photos present everything from hope to exposing global lies. One could easily spend over an hour scrolling through all their posts.

Animal Rights Activists

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World Wide Fund is the world’s leading conservation organization. WWF ensures that the value of nature is reflected in our decisions as individuals.  Together with millions of concerned individuals, the organization aims to create solutions to answer the world’s most substantial problems. “Only by working together can we create solutions to the most vexing problems we face.” -WWF

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A New York based farmland that showers its rescue farm animals with love and kindness. The animals express their joy and playfulness in every post and they allow us to look at farm animals in a different way instead of food.

Education Advocates

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This amazing organization is on a mission to ensure that every child has a good education no matter where they’re from. Seeing the smiles on these children’s faces will make you appreciate your own education more.

Sustainable Fashion Movement

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This is the official Instagram account for the shocking The Trust Cost documentary. They expose the fast fashion industry by revealing the harm it causes to sweatshop workers and the environment. It is exciting to see the influencers and designers that are on board with this sustainable fashion movement and this account inspires us to be more conscious shoppers.



Emma Watson created this new Instagram account during her press tour for Beauty and Beast. Her goal is to feature beautiful loaned or purchased pieces that were created in a sustainable, cruelty-free environment. She had 8 requirements for the garments she wore on this tour and if they weren’t met she told them how they can improve. Her descriptions let us know where exactly the garments are made, what is upcycled and so on. She is truly an inspiration.




This feminist account raises awareness to female issues through illustrations and powerful quotes. These images break the media’s portrayal of women through displaying every type of women with no hierarchy based on look or shape. Men should seriously take a look.

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Feminist artist Molly draws different sketches of women next to a blurb of their thoughts. These blurbs contain strong messages to unite women and invite them to accept common women experiences instead of feeling ashamed.

LBGTQ Positive Movements

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Real people share their stories of their struggles with same-sex love and trans life in a country where it is illegal. Some of these stories are heartbreaking and the photos portray such authenticity and strength. There is an option to donate at the end of every post.

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This feed focuses on fashion and gay lifestyle creating a space of acceptance and beauty. Their images capture high fashion shows, celebrities, and everyday gay life.

Human Rights

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Alyssa Seibert uses words instead of images to craft short, thought-provoking poems that raise awareness of worldwide social issues.

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The Black Lives Matter movement has taken the internet by storm and their Instagram is dedicated to promoting equality for all minorities and raising awareness through powerful imagery and artwork.

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Charity water is an impressive movement equipped with an army of volunteers aimed to dig wells and provide clean drinking water to villages around the world. Check out their insta and find out how you can play a part.

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This organization’s Instagram posts high-quality images of people in their less fortunate environments relaying a look of hope. They note the current situation in the description and then add that they are working on ways towards a solution.

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The Fairtrade Foundation is dedicated to promoting the value of fair trade from the voices behind production while aiming to end child labor, especially in mining communities in Africa and South America. Their feed reveals what a little extra care and attention can do for people all over the world.

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