A Sparkle of Desire

For as long as he could remember, Colby wanted a sparkly pink guitar. When she was twelve, she tried to trick her parents into buying it for her sister, Chloe. However, Colby was always terrible at tricking people, so her parents saw through her plan.

Colby’s earliest memory of seeing her dream guitar was when she saw a Go-Go’s tribute band for her 10th birthday. The lead guitarist had a pink sparkly guitar and Colby became fixated on getting one, to the point she was envious of the guitarist.

The next time she saw a guitar like the one she wanted was when she went aboard a cruise ship the summer she graduated elementary school. While her school work allowed her to get over her first bout of jealousy, this only brought it up again.

For her 13th birthday, Colby tried to trick her parents into buying the guitar by starting them off with wanting a tiger. While she wanted to use this to work them down to a guitar, they saw that her jealousy and desire were taking over her life and they did not want to give into this behavior.

After the denial of not getting the guitar for her big birthday, she took revenge refusing to eat her vegetables, even her favorite- carrots. However, this did not help appease the jealousy and desire she had for a guitar.

One day, she felt like her head was about to explode. Her jealousy got the best of her to the point she did something that she knew was dirty. When she was at the beach the summer after she started college, she saw the same Go-Go’s tribute band from years ago. After the concert, she stole the guitar.

Ashley Paskill

Ashley Paskill

Ashley Paskill is a journalism major at Temple University. She has written for a number of publications such as the Odyssey, Her Campus, and the Temple News. She is currently finishing up a semester internship at the Metro Philadelphia as an editorial internship. In her free time, she serves on the leadership at her church.