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A Cheat Sheet For Social Media Image Sizes


Updating Your Profile

Millions of people are constantly updating their social profile images online whether it’s for their personal page or a business profile. I bet at one point one of you updated your profile picture and it was either pixelated, automatically cropped, too small or it simply won’t upload. There may be many reasons to why you are unsuccessful at doing something that should be a piece of cake.

Not every picture fits each social media site the same way

Most of the time when you upload a profile picture, it will automatically adjust your photo to the dimensions of the website or app. I am guilty of this crime and I google searched what the proper dimensions were for Facebook profile pictures and cover photos.
While I was surfing online, I stumbled upon a very detailed infographic that contained a cheat sheet of social media image dimensions. It clearly shows the layout of each social media site and detailed notes.  There may be a few social media sights missing but this is an impressive list, so here it is for you to use.

Infographic by: Make a Website Hub —> Download the PDF version

Preview of the infographic made by




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