5 ways to be better at Shadow of War Mobile

For many Lord of the Rings fans, Shadow of War has been quite the sensation. What they might not know is that it has a little brother tearing things up on Hobbit-sized screens. That’s right: It’s Shadow of War Mobile!

Having played the game for quite a while now, I am all too aware of how ‘Pay2Win’ can affect your confidence and make you wonder: ‘How am I ever going to get enough glyphs for Gimli?’ during those gem-fuelled events.

Well, like Gandalf at Helm’s Deep – I’m here to level the playing field with some top tips!

  1. Make those orcs count

You’re going to come up against a lot of orcs, and they’ll only help you get stronger! Make sure to check out their traits before you swiftly execute them, as there may be something there that helps you going forward.

My personal favourites are the ones with some health regeneration. When levelled, they can become your party’s primary tank (or secondary, if you’re a big ol’ Baranor fan), meaning you have the option of taking more firepower into battle.   

  1. Join a Fellowship

Gaming should always be social, so get on board with a fellowship! These guys will invariably have plenty of experience and tips to share around, or they’ll at least know what you’re going through.

There’s also the option to request runes, tomes and other items from other members if you’re struggling to get what you need for Talion’s next ring inscription; or you can donate yourself and net some extra mirian for being so generous.

  1. Do your daily quests

Gems give you the opportunity to buy premium content – from items on the Palantir to a pouch full of mirian and even, occasionally, some super-powered orcs – and you can earn 50 each day just from doing a few quests that you’d probably do anyway.

Make sure you’re always pitting your orcs in a duel or completing all your hard raids. Then…


It might be tempting to go on a super shopping spree with your newly acquired gems. Resist the urge!

The bonus for saving up can be the equivalent of having an extra opening on the Palantir (11 for 3000 gems vs. 10 at 300 a go) and it is invariably better value the more of those beautiful green gifts you have stored up.

  1. Play A LOT!

There’s sometimes no shortcut except putting in the game time. Although it might seem like the top players just bought their way there, they have also put in the time and effort to learn the nuances of the game – from the best synchronisation of their party’s abilities, to knowing which enemies to target first to have the best chance of victory.

Practice makes perfect, right?!


David Utteridge

Lover of all things film, fan-fiction and football (the British kind!), David is a writer with a unique voice and a wide-range of interests. Current editor-in-chief at Meta, having previously written for SportPulse, IndieICE and Reel World Movies.