3 Day Trips From Athens, Greece

Athens, Greece. It is the utter picture-perfect definition of a perfect vacation: warm weather, clear-water beaches, good food, wonderful nightlife, and plenty of tourist sites to keep you busy. But there is more to Greece than just Athens. Whether you find yourself in Athens for a vacation or to study abroad, consider exploring other parts of Greece. It does not have to cost an arm and a leg — there are plenty of day trips that leave right from Athens that do not cost much and will give you a different view of Greece altogether. Day trips are perfect for weekends were you do have to study, but also do want to do some exploring. You can spend one day exploring, and the other day studying: win-win! Having spent some time in Athens personally, I can attest to some of the following locations that I will recommend; the others are places that I’ve heard are wonderful to visit. As you should with any tour, make sure to do your research on the tour company of your choosing and consider prices as well before you book anything. Most tours last anywhere from 7 hours to 12 hours, so plan accordingly! Delphi...

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