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3 Basic Strategies to Combat Mental Stress

Relationships, work, money, missed opportunities. Stress can come from all aspects of life and can weigh you down like dragging a loaded cart through ankle-deep mud. But should you just drop the cart and give up? Run away? That’s probably not very realistic and won’t address the problem.

So if giving up isn’t an option, how do you cope? The American Psychological Association has a few simple techniques.

1. Minimize

Instead of trying to run away from your stress, analyze and eliminate. Identify your stressors so you can reduce them and avoid adding more to an already hectic schedule. Learn to say no and make sure you have enough “me time” to help you stay sane.

2. Take Control

Feeling helpless is often a significant stressor. So, find ways to take control of the situation. Learn to manage your time more efficiently. Don’t be afraid to speak up and tell people how you feel. Let them know your limits so you won’t feel stressed when they cross boundaries they never knew existed.

3. Let Go

On the flip side, sometimes accepting the fact that you’re not in control is also a viable strategy to reduce stress. Let go and focus only on what you can do. Forgive all grudges and turn mistakes into a positive learning experience.

Stress is a fact of life, but now you know what to do about it. Familiarize yourself with these strategies and don’t let stress keep you down.

Kaitlyn L.

Kaitlyn L.

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